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Whipping UP the Topping

RICH'S USA is the world's first Non-Diary Producer famous the world over for their Whip Topping Base, as well as a large range of other products. The association of the Venus Group with RICH'S USA started in 2003 with the setting up of Venus RICH'S in Pakistan. As major importers of RICH'S USA Products such as Non-Dairy Whipped Cream, Whip Topping Concentrate, Flavored Batter, Frozen Bakery Products (Cookies & Croissants), Drink Concentrates, Cakes and Coffee Whiteners, Venus RICH'S has built up a very strong and long-term relationship with RICH'S USA.

A full-fledged state - of the art manufacturing facility is under construction in Lahore, Pakistan, with production scheduled by end of 2013. Soon after production commences, Venus RICH'S will be able to tap into regional markets through exports.





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