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Venus Custom Bonded Warehouse / Carrier
Totally Refrigerated in Logistics Excellence

Refrigeration is a very challenging task in the Logistics and Warehousing sections of an organization involved in Custom Bonded Warehouse operations.

Venus Custom Bonded Warehouse/Carrier owned by The Venus Group of Companies and operated by the parent company Venus Pakistan is the ONLY Company in Pakistan that enjoys the exclusive distinction of having its own refrigerated Custom Bonded Warehouse/Carrier License issued by Pakistan Customs. This means that Venus Pakistan is capable of providing frozen storage services to its customers without paying duties to Customs. Customers can simply pay the duties/taxes to Customs only for the quantity required from the Bonded Warehouse operated by Venus Pakistan.

Further, the In-House Bonded Carrier facility allows importers in other cities of Pakistan to pay duties and taxes in their own cities instead of paying them in Karachi, saving such customers precious time, money and effort.

Key Services & Facts at a glance

  • The ONLY Licensed Refrigerated Bonded Warehouse/Carrier in Pakistan (without duty paid).
  • As Importers: Venus Pakistan imports Containers on behalf of customers and provides its own Clearing & Forwarding Services, handling all Logistics, facilitating customers in every way.
  • Received the DQMP (Distribution, Quality, Management Process) Certification from McDonalds USA Audit Team after they visited and inspected our facilities and Certified us as such (which makes us the ONLY one to receive any such Certification from McDonalds USA).
  • Transportation Services: Dry, Frozen & Chilled Carrier – Venus Pakistan clears the consignments and because it also has the LICENSE, it FORWARDS the consignment to is destination
  • Venus Pakistan has full-fledged facilities to pack locally manufactured products in sachets such as sugar, tomato ketchup, toothpicks, etc., and supply these to Institutions (Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, 5-Star Hotels, Hospitals, etc.), through its OWN Distribution Network and Logistics support.

Clients are drawn from a diversity of business sectors such as FMCG, 5-Star Hotels, Small & Big Restaurants, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, and Institutional Canteens, Fast Food Outlets, Caterers, and supermarket chains.

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