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International Standards for an International Brand

To cater to the specific and demanding requirements of the world's leading QSR Brand is indeed a very tough challenge. Over the years Venus Pakistan has time and again proved its operational efficiencies, timely commitments and by following international standards of quality in each and every aspect of its functions.

Key Services & Facts at a glance

  • Providing McDonalds Pakistan the most comprehensive range of Specialized & Customized Services
  • Warehousing, Storage/Cold Storage, and Sole Distribution
  • Services starting right from Pick-up at Sea Port to Delivery at all McDonalds Restaurants in Pakistan – everything is handled with maximum efficiency
  • Central Inventory Management of Venus Pakistan dedicated to handling every aspect of McDonalds inventory.
  • Quality Inspection Process (QIP) Units at Venus Pakistan especially operates to look after McDonalds Logistics Operations

With a proven track record of having served the Logistics needs of McDonalds, Venus Pakistan established its dedicated McDonalds Logistics Operations in 1997. We also received the DQMP (Distribution, Quality, and Management Process) Certification from McDonalds USA Audit Team after they visited and inspected our facilities and certified us as such (which makes us the ONLY one to receive any such Certification from McDonalds USA).